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Client Testimonials

Hear It From the People Who Know Best

“Great club great guys/girls. Instructors are there to help and motivate you thru...If your up for training hard then the results will be yours..Let’s face won’t hit what you don’t aim for”

Tim O'Riordan, member

Changes your life for the better

“Cuban boxing club is fantastic. The coaches are excellent and put you through your paces. My favourite class is on Tuesday and it is the highlight of my day! Thank you cuban boxing team and a big thank you to Mike who has built my confidence in boxing technique as I knew nothing before I started going to these classes. See you tonight. best wishes the clumsy Essex girl!”

Kate Roberts, member

Changes your life for the better

Jackie Ashmenall

“Great community and coaches. I feel like I'm getting into it more and more each time I come in to the gym.”

Maciej Zamojski, graphic designer

Training with Ed is actually the highlight of my week. Not only am I seeing improvements in my physical body but I always walk out feeling like a boss! Ed has customised my programme to meet my goals and has inspired me to get into boxing which I highly recommend!

Chiara, UK national team Gymnast

I’ve been training with Ed for just over a year now and it has been a truly incredible experience on not just a boxing side but a physical side too as he has taught me from scratch how to box while putting me through my paces and can feel myself improving after every session. Nutritionally he has guided me to change up my diet for the better to help me achieve my goals. I have so much to thank Ed for and we are only just getting started.

George Bamford, Aspiring boxer

Find out for yourself why Cuban Boxing Academy is the place for you. Email us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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