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Rules & Regulations

Boxing is a combat sport that requires a lot of discipline and occassionally when it's not well implemented it can cause serious harm. For that reason, it is paramount to ensure wellbeing and safety of anyone attending sparring. Therefore, everyone must follow the below rules:

Please note that you must sign a disclaimer if you wish to spar and inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions. We are here to ensure everyone's saftey and give you an opportunity to learn in a safe environemnt.

  • You must be 18,5 years old to spar

  • The sparring follows amateur boxing rules.

  • All the sparring will be conducted under the supervision of Head Coach.

  • All the boxers MUST wear protective equipment such as mouthguards, headguards and groin guards. You are required to wear 16oz boxing gloves.

  • All boxers will have their own record card where all their performance will be monitored. 

  • Please remember this is sparring and not a competition, there are no winners, we are here to learn the process.

  • Anyone who is wishes to spar and is not a member of CBA will have to be assessed by Head Coach to make sure he or she is fit to spar.

  • Any antisocial behaviour will NOT be tolerated and anyone not following the rules, will be removed from the sparring.

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