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Recreational Boxing

Recreational Boxing is open for everyone who is interested in learning the art of boxing and improving their fitness and mental health, without necessarily going into the competitive side of the sport. During these sessions you will go through cardio and circuit training and all other fitness routines the boxers follow giving you a great full body workout. Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless the experience or fitness level.

Our coaching team is dedicated and attentive to your progress.

You are a complete beginner but want to train as a fighter. You will learn technique, and do regular strength and conditioning training.

Warm-up, Skipping, shadow boxing, basic punch combinations, heavy bag workout, focus mitts, slipping and rolling, partner drills, abs and core work, ground work, stretching, plus much more…

Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 11.30am -12.30pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 7pm- 8.20pm
Saturday: 10.30am 


Gloves provided, normal gym wear

Great Workout

Sessions are £13 (£8 for members) *ask member of staff for membership enquiries

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Recreational Class

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